Civil Rights

The lawyers at Parker Scheer Lagomarsino are committed to protecting our client’s civil rights. Because of this, we handle cases that deal with both civil rights and hate crimes in Nevada.

Our experienced lawyers deal with cases involving the following types of civil rights violations:

Police Misconduct can take several different forms, all of which are considered a violation of civil rights and therefore illegal in Nevada, including the following:
  • False Arrest: This occurs when someone claims to have been held in custody without probable cause or an order from a court of competent jurisdiction. A person who realizes he or she has been a target and resists or flees the arrest can justify doing so by claiming to have been resisting false arrest. These cases are most often pursued by private security firms, but can also be brought by any citizen.

  • Police Corruption: When a member of law enforcement abuses his or her power for personal gain, such as money or a career promotion, it is considered police corruption. In these cases, a law enforcement officer either ignores or pursues a specific investigation. Most commonly, an officer will accept bribes to not report on either organized drug or prostitution rings. It also can occur when officers falsify evidence in order to convict a suspect, thereby violating the police code of conduct.

  • False Evidence: Any information that is obtained or created illegally in order to sway the verdict of a case is considered false evidence. There are four main types. Forged evidence is evidence that is manufactured or altered to support an agenda. Second, planted evidence, which is an item that is moved or planted in order to seem related to an accused party. Tainted evidence is information obtained illegally or using evidence that was obtained via legal search. Suppressed evidence is information or an item a court deems “inadmissible” in a case. All of these are considered illegal, and can have grave repercussions on an ongoing case.

  • False Confession: This occurs when someone admits guilt in a crime that he or she did not commit. A false confession is often induced via coercion or due to a mental disorder of the confessor.

  • Surveillance Abuse: This is the use of surveillance to monitor an individual or group in a way which violates the person or people’s right to privacy.

  • Police Brutality: Police brutality occurs when the police use excessive force. It is usually physical in nature, but can also be a verbal attack or psychological intimidation. It can be committed not only by police officers, by also by other members of law enforcement such as corrections personnel in state, municipal and federal prisons.

Discrimination: Citizens of the United Stats are protected from discrimination in employment and housing, as well as harassment based on gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. However, many people still face discrimination due to their protected class. It is a civil rights violation to be discriminated against based on one’s protected class.

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